Class ChangeSetFilterResult


public class ChangeSetFilterResult extends Object
Contains the result of a ChangeSetFilter.accepts(liquibase.changelog.ChangeSet) call.

getMessage(), but getFilter() can be used to programmatically determine the reason for accepting or not.

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • isAccepted

      public boolean isAccepted()
      Was the changeSet accepted by the filter
    • getMessage

      public String getMessage()
      Free-form text message from the filter giving the reason for accepting or rejecting. May be null.
    • getFilter

      public Class<? extends ChangeSetFilter> getFilter()
      Returns the class of the filter that accepted or rejected this changeSet.
    • getMdcName

      public String getMdcName()
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
    • toString

      public String toString()
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