Class CommandFailedException

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    public class CommandFailedException
    extends Exception
    CommandFailedException is thrown any time a command did not succeed. If it did not succeed due to normal and expected reasons, mark it as expected=true. If the CommandFailedException is marked as expected=false, the code calling the command may want to do additional logging or handling of the exception because it knows the command was surprised by the result.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CommandFailedException

        public CommandFailedException​(CommandResults results,
                                      int exitCode,
                                      String message,
                                      boolean expected)
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      • getExitCode

        public int getExitCode()
      • isExpected

        public boolean isExpected()
        In certain circumstances, this exception is thrown solely to set the exit code of a command's execution, in which case, the exception is expected. In these cases, Liquibase does not print the stacktrace of the exception to the logs, and isExpected returns true.