Interface RowMapper

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    public interface RowMapper
    An interface used by Executor for mapping rows of a ResultSet on a per-row basis. Implementations of this interface perform the actual work of mapping each row to a result object, but don't need to worry about exception handling. SQLExceptions will be caught and handled by the calling JdbcTemplate.

    See Also:
    Executor, RowCallbackHandler, ResultSetExtractor
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      • mapRow

        Object mapRow​(ResultSet rs,
                      int rowNum)
               throws SQLException
        Implementations must implement this method to map each row of data in the ResultSet. This method should not call next() on the ResultSet; it is only supposed to map values of the current row.
        rs - the ResultSet to map (pre-initialized for the current row)
        rowNum - the number of the current row
        the result object for the current row
        SQLException - if a SQLException is encountered getting column values (that is, there's no need to catch SQLException)