Class LiquibaseLauncher

  • public class LiquibaseLauncher
    extends Object
    Launcher which builds up the classpath needed to run Liquibase, then calls LiquibaseCommandLine.main(String[]).

    Supports the following configuration options that can be passed as JVM properties and/or environment variables, taking the former precedence over the latter:

    Environment variable JVM property
    LIQUIBASE_HOME liquibase.home
    Liquibase home. This option is mandatory.
    LIQUIBASE_LAUNCHER_DEBUG liquibase.launcher.debug
    Determine if it should, when true, log what it is doing to stderr. Defaults to false.
    LIQUIBASE_LAUNCHER_PARENT_CLASSLOADER liquibase.launcher.parent_classloader
    Classloader that will be used to run Liquibase, either system or thread. Defaults to system.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LiquibaseLauncher

        public LiquibaseLauncher()