Interface LicenseService

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    public interface LicenseService
    extends Plugin
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      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        This method returns a priority value for an implementation. Liquibase uses this to determine which LicenseService is currently in use. There can only be a single LicenseService used at a time, and the highest priority implementation wins.
      • licenseIsInstalled

        boolean licenseIsInstalled()
        This method checks whether there is any license with any valid subject installed.
        true if any license with any valid subject is installed.
      • licenseIsValid

        boolean licenseIsValid​(String subject)
        Check if an installed license with the given subject is valid or not. The set of subjects that are valid is defined by the implementation.
        true if the license with the given subject is valid.
      • getLicenseInfo

        String getLicenseInfo()
        a string representation of the license(s) installed for display in logs, etc.
      • getLicenseInfoObject

        LicenseInfo getLicenseInfoObject()
      • installLicense

        LicenseInstallResult installLicense​(Location... locations)
        Given a list of potential locations that a license file could be located, check each one and install any .lic files that are found there, iterating until a valid license is installed successfully or all the locations have been tried. After calling this method, clients still need to check licenseIsValid().
        locations - - A variable number of Location objects, each of which has a name, a type, and a value.
        A data structure that contains an overall exit code plus a list of strings that detail the locations checked and the result of checking each location.
      • disable

        void disable()
        Disable this LicenseService This can be used to turn off license checking after it has been determined that a license key is not valid
      • reset

        default void reset()
        Delete any cached, installed licenses currently tracked by the implementation.
      • licenseIsAboutToExpire

        boolean licenseIsAboutToExpire()
        true if any installed license is valid but will expire within the next 30 days.
      • daysTilExpiration

        int daysTilExpiration()
        It is possible that users might have multiple licenses installed. In that case, this will return the lowest number.
        the number of whole days until the license expires. Negative numbers would indicate that the license expired that many days ago.
      • getExpirationDate

        default Date getExpirationDate()
        Get the expiration date of the installed license.
        the expiration date, or null if no license can be found