Class LicenseServiceUtils

  • public class LicenseServiceUtils
    extends Object
    This class provides a static method for verifying licenses
    • Constructor Detail

      • LicenseServiceUtils

        public LicenseServiceUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • isProLicenseValid

        public static boolean isProLicenseValid()
        Check for a Liquibase Pro License.
        true if licensed, or the installed license also permits access to Liquibase Pro features, false if not
      • checkProLicenseAndThrowException

        public static void checkProLicenseAndThrowException​(String[] commandNames)
                                                     throws CommandValidationException
        Throw an exception if there is no valid pro license.
        commandNames - the name of the command; each element of the array will be joined by spaces
        CommandValidationException - the exception thrown if the license is not valid