Class SqlChangeLogParser

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChangeLogParser, LiquibaseParser, PrioritizedService

public class SqlChangeLogParser extends Object implements ChangeLogParser
  • Constructor Details

    • SqlChangeLogParser

      public SqlChangeLogParser()
  • Method Details

    • supports

      public boolean supports(String changeLogFile, ResourceAccessor resourceAccessor)
      Description copied from interface: ChangeLogParser
      Checks if the file format is supported by an implementing ChangeLogParser and returns true if that is the case.
      Specified by:
      supports in interface ChangeLogParser
      changeLogFile - the location of the changelog file
      resourceAccessor - the resource accessor
      true if the file format is supported, false if it is not.
    • getPriority

      public int getPriority()
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface PrioritizedService
    • parse

      public DatabaseChangeLog parse(String physicalChangeLogLocation, ChangeLogParameters changeLogParameters, ResourceAccessor resourceAccessor) throws ChangeLogParseException
      Description copied from interface: ChangeLogParser
      Parses a Liquibase database changelog and returns the parsed form as an object.
      Specified by:
      parse in interface ChangeLogParser
      physicalChangeLogLocation - the physical location of the changelog. The exact file formats and locations where can load changelog files from depend on the implementations and capabilities of the implementing parsers.
      changeLogParameters - parameters given by the end user that should be applied while parsing the changelog (i.e. replacement of ${placeholders} inside the changelogs with user-defined content)
      resourceAccessor - a Java resource accessor
      the parsed ChangeLog in object form
      ChangeLogParseException - if an error occurs during parsing of the ChangeLog