Class XMLChangeLogSAXParser

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        public static final String LIQUIBASE_SCHEMA_VERSION
    • Constructor Detail

      • XMLChangeLogSAXParser

        public XMLChangeLogSAXParser()
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      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
      • getSchemaVersion

        public static String getSchemaVersion()
      • supports

        public boolean supports​(String changeLogFile,
                                ResourceAccessor resourceAccessor)
        Description copied from interface: ChangeLogParser
        Checks if the file format is supported by an implementing ChangeLogParser and returns true if that is the case.
        changeLogFile - the location of the changelog file
        resourceAccessor - the resource accessor
        true if the file format is supported, false if it is not.
      • setShouldWarnOnMismatchedXsdVersion

        public void setShouldWarnOnMismatchedXsdVersion​(boolean shouldWarnOnMismatchedXsdVersion)
        When set to true, a warning will be printed to the console if the XSD version used does not match the version of Liquibase. If "latest" is used as the XSD version, no warning is printed.