Class JdbcUtil

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    public abstract class JdbcUtil
    extends Object
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        public static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN
        Constant that indicates an unknown (or unspecified) SQL type.
        See Also:
        Types, Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcUtil

        public JdbcUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • closeStatement

        public static void closeStatement​(Statement stmt)
        Close the given JDBC Statement and ignore any thrown exception. This is useful for typical finally blocks in manual JDBC code.
        stmt - the JDBC Statement to close (may be null)
      • closeResultSet

        public static void closeResultSet​(ResultSet rs)
        Close the given JDBC ResultSet and ignore any thrown exception. This is useful for typical finally blocks in manual JDBC code.
        rs - the JDBC ResultSet to close (may be null)
      • getResultSetValue

        public static Object getResultSetValue​(ResultSet rs,
                                               int index)
                                        throws SQLException
        Retrieve a JDBC column value from a ResultSet, using the most appropriate value type. The returned value should be a detached value object, not having any ties to the active ResultSet: in particular, it should not be a Blob or Clob object but rather a byte array respectively String representation.

        Uses the getObject(index) method, but includes additional "hacks" to get around Oracle 10g returning a non-standard object for its TIMESTAMP datatype and a java.sql.Date for DATE columns leaving out the time portion: These columns will explicitly be extracted as standard java.sql.Timestamp object.

        rs - is the ResultSet holding the data
        index - is the column index
        the value object
        SQLException - if thrown by the JDBC API
        See Also:
        Blob, Clob, Timestamp
      • isNumeric

        public static boolean isNumeric​(int sqlType)
        Check whether the given SQL type is numeric.
        sqlType - the SQL type to be checked
        whether the type is numeric
      • requiredSingleResult

        public static Object requiredSingleResult​(Collection results)
                                           throws DatabaseException
        Return a single result object from the given Collection.

        Throws an exception if 0 or more than 1 element found.

        results - the result Collection (can be null)
        the single result object
      • getValueForColumn

        public static String getValueForColumn​(ResultSet rs,
                                               String columnNameToCheck,
                                               Database database)
                                        throws SQLException
        Checks whether a result set has a column matching the specified column name. The column name is first changed to match the database format. E.g. an unquoted columnName in h2 will be converted to uppercase so the column name that is being checked for is really the uppercase version of the column name,
        rs - result set to check
        columnNameToCheck - column name to check
        The value if found, null if not found