Class AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.apache.maven.plugin.ContextEnabled, org.apache.maven.plugin.Mojo
Direct Known Subclasses:
LiquibaseUpdate, LiquibaseUpdateSQL, LiquibaseUpdateTestingRollback

public abstract class AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo extends AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo
Liquibase Update Maven plugin. This plugin allows for DatabaseChangeLogs to be applied to a database as part of a Maven build process.
  • Field Details

    • changesToApply

      @PropertyElement protected int changesToApply
      The number of changes to apply to the database. By default this value is 0, which will result in all changes (not already applied to the database) being applied.
    • toTag

      protected String toTag
      Update to the changeSet with the given tag command.
    • rollbackOnError

      @PropertyElement protected boolean rollbackOnError
      If set to true and any changeset in a deployment fails, then the update operation stops, and liquibase attempts to rollback all changesets just deployed. A changeset marked "failOnError=false" does not trigger as an error, therefore rollback-on-error will not occur. Additionally, if a changeset is not auto-rollback compliant or does not have a rollback script, then no rollback-on-error will occur for any changeset.
    • showSummary

      @PropertyElement protected UpdateSummaryEnum showSummary
      Whether or not to print a summary of the update operation. Allowed values: 'OFF', 'SUMMARY' (default), 'VERBOSE'
    • showSummaryOutput

      @PropertyElement protected UpdateSummaryOutputEnum showSummaryOutput
      Flag to control where we show the summary. Allowed values: 'LOG', 'CONSOLE', OR 'ALL' (default)
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo

      public AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo()
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