Class SpringResourceAccessor

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Cloneable, ExtensibleObject, ResourceAccessor

public class SpringResourceAccessor extends AbstractResourceAccessor
  • Constructor Details

    • SpringResourceAccessor

      public SpringResourceAccessor( resourceLoader)
  • Method Details

    • close

      public void close() throws Exception
    • getAll

      public List<Resource> getAll(String path) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: ResourceAccessor
      Returns all Resources at the given path. For many resource accessors (such as a file system), only one resource can exist at a given spot, but some accessors (such as CompositeResourceAccessor or ClassLoaderResourceAccessor) can have multiple resources for a single path.

      If the resourceAccessor returns multiple values, the returned List should be considered sorted for that resource accessor. For example, ClassLoaderResourceAccessor returns them in order based on the configured classloader. Order is important to pay attention to, because users may set GlobalConfiguration.DUPLICATE_FILE_MODE to pick the "best" file which is defined as "the first file from this function".

      null if no resources match the path
      IOException - if there is an unexpected error determining what is at the path
    • search

      public List<Resource> search(String searchPath, boolean recursive) throws IOException
      Description copied from interface: ResourceAccessor
      Returns the path to all resources contained in the given path. Multiple resources may be returned with the same path, but only if they are actually unique files. Order is important to pay attention to, they should be returned in a user-expected manner based on this resource accessor.

      Should return an empty list if:
      • Path does not exist
      Should throw an exception if:
      • Path is null
      • Path is not a "directory"
      • Path exists but cannot be read from
      searchPath - The path to lookup resources in.
      recursive - Set to true and will return paths to contents in subdirectories as well.
      empty set if nothing was found
      IOException - if there is an error searching the system.
    • describeLocations

      public List<String> describeLocations()
      Description copied from interface: ResourceAccessor
      Returns a description of the places this classloader will look for paths. Used in error messages and other troubleshooting cases.
    • getResourcePath

      protected String getResourcePath( resource)
      Returns the lookup path to the given resource.
    • getCompletePath

      protected String getCompletePath(String relativeTo, String path) throws IOException
      Returns the complete path to the resource, taking the relative path into account
    • getResource

      protected getResource(String resourcePath)
      Looks up the given resource.
    • resourceIsFile

      protected boolean resourceIsFile( resource) throws IOException
      Return true if the given resource is a standard file. Return false if it is a directory.
    • finalizeSearchPath

      protected String finalizeSearchPath(String searchPath)
      Ensure the given searchPath is a valid searchPath. Default implementation adds "classpath:" and removes duplicated /'s and classpath:'s