Class ColumnAutoIncrementService

  • public class ColumnAutoIncrementService
    extends Object
    Service class that centralizes database specific auto increment parameters information.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnAutoIncrementService

        public ColumnAutoIncrementService()
    • Method Detail

      • obtainSequencesInformation

        public Map<String,​Column.AutoIncrementInformation> obtainSequencesInformation​(Database database,
                                                                                            Schema schema,
                                                                                            DatabaseSnapshot snapshot)
        If the database support autoincrement columns details (as starts with and increment by), this method returns the detailed information about them. If a new database needs to be supported just add the query to method getQueryForDatabase .
        database - the database connection
        snapshot - snapshot data used to store cache information.
        Map with the sequence name and auto increment details
      • enableColumnAutoIncrementIfAvailable

        public Column enableColumnAutoIncrementIfAvailable​(Column column,
                                                           Database database,
                                                           CachedRow columnMetadataResultSet,
                                                           String rawCatalogName,
                                                           String rawSchemaName,
                                                           String rawTableName,
                                                           String rawColumnName)
                                                    throws SQLException
        Verify if a column has auto increment capabilities and set the autoIncrement field with a placeholder object (starts with 1, increment 1)