Class SchemaSnapshotGeneratorSnowflake

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public class SchemaSnapshotGeneratorSnowflake extends SchemaSnapshotGenerator
  • Constructor Details

    • SchemaSnapshotGeneratorSnowflake

      public SchemaSnapshotGeneratorSnowflake()
  • Method Details

    • getPriority

      public int getPriority(Class<? extends DatabaseObject> objectType, Database database)
      Description copied from interface: SnapshotGenerator
      Inquire if this SnapshotGenerator is capable of snapshotting objects of type objectType (e.g. Table, Index, View etc.) in the DBMS database (e.g. Oracle, Postgres, HyperSQL etc.) A return priority of > 0 will be interpreted as capable. The highest priority for an objectType-database combination wins.
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface SnapshotGenerator
      getPriority in class JdbcSnapshotGenerator
      objectType - The object type we are asked to snapshot
      database - The DBMS for which the snapshotting should be done
      An integer of PRIORITY_... constants indicating our capability and willingness to snapshot
    • getDatabaseSchemaNames

      protected String[] getDatabaseSchemaNames(Database database) throws SQLException, DatabaseException
      Description copied from class: SchemaSnapshotGenerator
      Fetches an array of Strings with the schema names in the database.
      getDatabaseSchemaNames in class SchemaSnapshotGenerator
      database - The database from which to get the schema names
      An array of schema name Strings (May be an empty array)
      SQLException - propagated java.sql.SQLException
      DatabaseException - if a different problem occurs during the DBMS-specific code