Package liquibase.ui

Class LoggerUIService

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, ExtensibleObject, Plugin, UIService

public class LoggerUIService extends AbstractExtensibleObject implements UIService
Sends all UI requests to the configured Logger. The level they are logged at defaults to Level.INFO for standard messages and Level.SEVERE for error messages.
  • Constructor Details

    • LoggerUIService

      public LoggerUIService()
  • Method Details

    • getPriority

      public int getPriority()
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface UIService
    • sendMessage

      public void sendMessage(String message)
      Description copied from interface: UIService
      Send a "normal" message to the user.
      Specified by:
      sendMessage in interface UIService
    • sendErrorMessage

      public void sendErrorMessage(String message)
      Description copied from interface: UIService
      Send an "error" message to the user.
      Specified by:
      sendErrorMessage in interface UIService
    • sendErrorMessage

      public void sendErrorMessage(String message, Throwable exception)
      Description copied from interface: UIService
      Send an "error" message to the user along with a stacktrace.
      Specified by:
      sendErrorMessage in interface UIService
    • setAllowPrompt

      public void setAllowPrompt(boolean allowPrompt) throws IllegalArgumentException
      Description copied from interface: UIService
      Method to set flag indicating whether prompting is allowed
      Specified by:
      setAllowPrompt in interface UIService
      allowPrompt - New flag value
      IllegalArgumentException - If parameter is not allowed
    • getAllowPrompt

      public boolean getAllowPrompt()
      Description copied from interface: UIService
      Return current setting of allow prompt flag
      Specified by:
      getAllowPrompt in interface UIService
    • prompt

      public <T> T prompt(String prompt, T valueIfNoEntry, InputHandler<T> inputHandler, Class<T> type)
      This implementation simply returns the default value, since it cannot prompt the user.
      Specified by:
      prompt in interface UIService
    • getStandardLogLevel

      public Level getStandardLogLevel()
    • setStandardLogLevel

      public void setStandardLogLevel(Level standardLogLevel)
    • getErrorLogLevel

      public Level getErrorLogLevel()
    • setErrorLogLevel

      public void setErrorLogLevel(Level errorLogLevel)