Class ChangeParameterMetaData

  • public class ChangeParameterMetaData
    extends Object
    Static metadata about a Change parameter. Instances of this class are tracked within ChangeMetaData and are immutable.
    • Method Detail

      • analyzeSupportedDatabases

        protected Set<String> analyzeSupportedDatabases​(String[] supportedDatabases)
      • analyzeRequiredDatabases

        protected Set<String> analyzeRequiredDatabases​(String[] requiredDatabases)
      • getParameterName

        public String getParameterName()
        Programmatic Name of the parameter. Will not contain spaces so it can be used for XMl tag names etc. By convention, Change names should start be camel case starting with a lower case letter.
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
        A more friendly name of the parameter.
      • getSince

        public String getSince()
      • getDataType

        public String getDataType()
        Return the data type of value stored in this parameter. Used for documentation and integration purposes as well as validation.
      • getDataTypeClass

        public Class getDataTypeClass()
      • getDataTypeClassParameters

        public Type[] getDataTypeClassParameters()
      • getRequiredForDatabase

        public Set<String> getRequiredForDatabase()
        Return the database types for which this parameter is required. The strings returned correspond to the values returned by Database.getShortName(). If the parameter is required for all databases, this will return the string "all" as an element. If the parameter is required for no databases, this will return an empty set. Passing the string "none" to the constructor also results in an empty set. This method will never return a null value
      • getSupportedDatabases

        public Set<String> getSupportedDatabases()
      • isRequiredFor

        public boolean isRequiredFor​(Database database)
        A convenience method for testing the value returned by getRequiredForDatabase() against a given database. Returns true if the Database.getShortName() method is contained in the required databases or the required database list contains the string "all"
      • supports

        public boolean supports​(Database database)
      • getCurrentValue

        public Object getCurrentValue​(Change change)
        Returns the current value of this parameter for the given Change.
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(Change change,
                             Object value)
        Sets the value of this parameter on the given change.
      • getMustEqualExisting

        public String getMustEqualExisting()
        Returns a dot-delimited chain of DatabaseObject fields describing what existing value this parameter would need to be set if applying the Change to a particular DatabaseObject.

        For example, in an addColumn Change, the "name" parameter would return "" because if you know of an existing Column object, the "name" parameter needs to be set to the column's name. In the addColumn's "tableName" parameter, this method would return "".

        The values of the chain correspond to the DatabaseObject.getObjectTypeName() and DatabaseObject.getAttributes()

        This method is used by integrations that want to generate Change instances or configurations pre-filled with data required to apply to an existing database object.
      • getExampleValue

        public Object getExampleValue​(Database database)
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()