Interface LogService

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractLogService, AntTaskLogService, BufferedLogService, CompositeLogService, JavaLogService, MavenLogService, NoOpLogService

public interface LogService extends Plugin
This service is used to create named Logger instances through a LogService.

The default LoggerFactory used in JavaLogService uses Logger

  • Method Details

    • getPriority

      int getPriority()
    • getLog

      Logger getLog(Class clazz)
      Creates a logger for logging from the given class. Unlike most logging systems, there is no exposed getLog(String) method in order to provide more consistency in how logs are named.
    • close

      void close()
      Closes the current log output file(s) or any other resources used by this LoggerFactory and its Loggers.
    • getFilter

      LogMessageFilter getFilter()
    • setFilter

      void setFilter(LogMessageFilter filter)
      Sets the filter to use for messages sent through this log service.