Class ChangeSetStatus


public class ChangeSetStatus extends Object
Contains the current status of a ChangeSet. Normally returned by StatusVisitor. Contains information on whether the changeSet has run before and will run next time.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getChangeSet

      public ChangeSet getChangeSet()
    • getCurrentCheckSum

      public CheckSum getCurrentCheckSum()
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      ChangeSet description
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getComments

      public String getComments()
      ChangeSet comments
    • setComments

      public void setComments(String comments)
    • getWillRun

      public boolean getWillRun()
      Will the changeset run next time.
    • setWillRun

      public void setWillRun(boolean willRun)
    • getFilterResults

      public Set<ChangeSetFilterResult> getFilterResults()
      Reasons the changeset will or will not run next time. Returns empty set if no reasons were given
    • setFilterResults

      public void setFilterResults(Set<ChangeSetFilterResult> filterResults)
    • isFilteredBy

      public boolean isFilteredBy(Class<? extends ChangeSetFilter> filterType)
      Convenience method to check wither a given ChangeSetFilter type is a reason for running the changeset or not.
    • getStoredCheckSum

      public CheckSum getStoredCheckSum()
      Return the checksum stored from the last execution of the changeset. Returns null if it has not run before
    • setStoredCheckSum

      public void setStoredCheckSum(CheckSum storedCheckSum)
    • getDateLastExecuted

      public Date getDateLastExecuted()
      Return the date the changeset was last executed. Returns null if it has not run before
    • setDateLastExecuted

      public void setDateLastExecuted(Date dateLastExecuted)
    • getPreviouslyRan

      public boolean getPreviouslyRan()
      Returns true if the changeset was run previously.
    • setPreviouslyRan

      public void setPreviouslyRan(boolean previouslyRan)
    • getRanChangeSet

      public RanChangeSet getRanChangeSet()
    • setRanChangeSet

      public void setRanChangeSet(RanChangeSet ranChangeSet)