Interface CommandStep

    • Method Detail

      • defineCommandNames

        String[][] defineCommandNames()
        Defines new command names For example, if it is part of `liquibase update`, this should return new String[][]{ new String[] {"update"}}. If it is a part of `liquibase example init`, this should return {"example", "init"}.

        This is used to determine the available command names.

        This can return null if this step is not defining a new command but "cross-cutting" existing commands

      • getOrder

        int getOrder​(CommandDefinition commandDefinition)
        The order in the pipeline that this step should be executed in. Logic is generally based off CommandDefinition.getName() but it can check other things in the definition such as arguments.
        -1 if this step does not apply to the given command
      • requiredDependencies

        List<Class<?>> requiredDependencies()
        Return a list of configured Classes that this command requires to be passed as a dependency.
        list with the required classes types
      • providedDependencies

        List<Class<?>> providedDependencies()
        Returns a list of all the dependency Classes that this step provides
        list with the provided classes types